Tumble Weed Times

The Bipolar Place

Yep, that tumble weed above pretty much sums up my blog this last week. I haven’t posted since last Sunday. Bad Graham!

The main reason for this is work I suppose. Still getting used to working & as it involves a lot of walking & cycling I’m ‘over tired’ when I get in. Also I’m reading a good book at the mo & that’s eating into my spare time too.

Well I’m up early for a Saturday 05:40! I wasn’t planning on getting up until 07:00 (work today 😦 ). I did have a really intense dream involving my brothers though. My two older brothers don’t really get on well together. They haven’t from a young age. The eldest bullied the younger one when they were kids & that’s basically where it it all stems from. Anyway in my dream we were all together (a rare occasion) & the brother I get on well…

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Day 27 – A Quote You Try To Live By

The Bipolar Place

OK well this is tough so I’m going to put on here a selection of my favourites.

So in no particular order

Well I could keep going, but that’ll do


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Oct. Challenge: Do 100 Lunges

My Daily Creative

This is how we do lunges in Tahoe.

Photo by Mr. B. Day 24 of the #LiveLeanEatGreen photo challenge.

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Paris – Eiffel Tower and Seine Cruise

Where in the World is Taylor?

Part 2 of my trip to Paris this weekend. Including Eiffel Tower, river cruise on the Seine, and night shots of Eiffel Tower and Louvre

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Paris, France

Paris :(((


So I was in Paris a few weeks ago, I shopped a lot and had a fantastic weekend over there. Fall in Paris.

























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The City of Love

Katie Killeen

Last Thursday we ventured to The City of Love… Paris! I had been to Paris before but it was about ten years ago so I hardly remember anything about it. For this trip, we all went our separate ways. My mom decided to come back and stay with me in Paris, probably because it reminds her of her good old days! She studied in Paris the summer after college and eventually became fluent, which was very lucky for me! Since I know my friend Christina from home and we are close family friends she stayed with my mom and I too. I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend for some quite time, and got that… for a few of the days at least.

On Thursday, we landed around 8pm and had to take a 30 minute cab ride to our hotel Hotel du Jeu de Paume on the

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A birthday weekend in Paris! Part 1

OMG! Youve got an awesome birthday! Paris is way the best place =)

This Travellers Heart

“How would you like to  Paris for your birthday?” That was the rhetorical question posed to me by Mr., two weeks before my birthday this year. He had planned the whole weekend for me. The hotel, the train tickets, the things we were going to see and do, everything. All I had to do was packed my very stylish bags and go. It was so sweet and thoughtful and it’s one of the things I love most about Mr.. He always tries to show me that he loves me, he doesn’t just tell me. He is not a natural romantic. So I know when he does something like this, a huge romantic gesture, or even when he buys me flowers, which is often, he is making an effort to be romantic. Being romantic doesn’t come naturally to him and that makes it even more special, in my opinion. Okay, enough…

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Golden Lady

My first week as a French resident…

the (fake) parisienne.

Bonjour a tous!  Forgive me for my prolonged absence, my internet has been down for a whole week rendering me completely incommunicado.  It’s hard to believe I’ve only been in Paris for 12 days because it feels so much longer.  The days are blending into the nights and I can barely keep up between work and sleep.

It’s been a jumble of emotions this past week.  Part excitement, part loneliness, part helplessness, part utter joy.  There is an excruciating vulnerability that accompanies being in a new place and although I have lived abroad before and travelled extensively in my lifetime, the language and culture barriers make this move a million times harder.  It’s true what everyone warned me about….the Parisians dont let strangers into their social circle easily and given my work team is 100% French, there is little regard or compassion shown for the new kid on the block rendering me…

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Red Sea Rules


 Red Sea Rules

Author: Robert J. Morgan

Pages: 112

Plot: Using the parting of the Red Sea, and the Exodus story, as a basis, Robert J. Morgan gives 10 “rules” that will help us get through difficult times

What I Liked:

  • Easy to Read. The book is very easy to read, which enables you to get through it without too much thought (not necessarily a great thing) or have to re-read anything in the book. It flows, and is, generally well written.
  • Short: It’s basically a bite-size book…you can digest it all in one or two short sittings (And I don’t really know why I went for a food metaphor there).
  • Encouraging. For people who are going through tough times, and who aren’t cynical (unfortunately I am), this book will encourage and motive them.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Poor exegesis. To put it simply, exegesis is trying…

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Begin Again

As in WOW? Taylor Swift has never failed me. She is awesome….. Another song of hers. it is another obsession of mine! Inspiration 🙂

I love you ❤

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