beautiful Things we have to consider everyday

Before our class in ethics have ended, our professor done something magical that change my insides from what I have known ever since..

This will only be tackled on what I am remembering… so in short… what I have been mantally taking down in my mind.

1. Make three people happy at least everyday.. or make compliments about, you’ll never know the power of your encouragement

2. Watch the sun rise once a year. Get up early, and watch as the sun filled the earth. its warmth and sign that another day of chances are given. By watching the nature, your sadness and worries ebbs away, I want that to happen. I want to see that myself. I will.

3. Keep Secrets. Keep secrets from your life. Don’t let anything about you slips away with everyone. This is what I’m worried. My life is as open as a book to everyone. I admit, it made me shiver and contained, but as always, get something for yourself. PRIVACY is all what it takes.

4. Don’t Cheat. in exams, in relationships. In God. Everywhere and anything. Don’t cheat. because, It is wrong. We all know that. ( this is a hard task!)

5. Admit your Mistakes. Yeah? Like a lot? Hmm. Well. even if it is hard not to admit when you are wrong, just try. Nothing is WRONG when you admit  you are WRONG. It will feel you free after, and just admit it. We are humans. we made mistakes and we are not perfect.. and still God loves us. So why do we need to be perfect if God loves us as who we are? (implies to everyone of course)

6. Do not Underestimate the power of Forgiveness.  forgive others, because in that way, you forgive yourself. Admit it. You cannot move on if you haven’t get over from your pasts and mistakes. Forgive. Everyone deserves it!! I really mean it. EVERYONE!

7. Admit that LIFE isn’t FAIR. oh yes, this one. We all wished to be fair in life. And I don’t think it is a best idea. First, if you want it to be fair, all your blessings now is something you are not deserved to have isn’t it? I have figured it out so soon. because of God’s mercy, He forgives our sin and let alone give us all the blessing we have… and that’s not being fair. Because even if you are the badest or worst person in the world. you have the chance to change. And if God will be fair, You’ll probably haven’t have the chance to do that. And seriously, FAIR is an odd thing. So, if being fair, let’s try to be fair with others, with ourselves… adn be contented! that’s all.

8. Don’t decide when you are angry. Ahuh? well. don’t let your emotions decide. This way, you will decide for a wrong one, or you  will be deciding the wrong way. Get that? Angry or jealousy or something is a temptation. Don’t let it ruin your life!!!!

9. Always Smile. I don’t know if this is part of what he told us about…. but It made my day. as always. Smile is the most powerful thing you can have. Best weapon…… Good vibes will always be on your way if you smile a lot.

10. Be brave, even if you are weak inside. People will never notice it as long as you put an act to it. Ohh Kay. What do you mean by brave? actually, I am not really brave… I am weak.. always but This is right. No changes at all if you face fears! Go ahead!

11. Don’t Gossip. Ha! I don’t know if this is normal. Well. As far as I know, everyone of us has gossiped someone. Its part of life huh? Don’t clean yourself because this is the reality. Gossiping someone… So better if we just put it in our own lonely mind. Gossiping is natural but we can still change it the way it is supposed to be.

12. Always have faith. Faith in everything we do. Faith to ourselves, to God, to family. To the thing we ought to do. Faith is a miracle. And miracles do happen. IF WE BELIEVE!

13. FROM ME, I GUESS… JUST BE YOURSELF! do what we feel is right. Don’t just do what others will say to us. We are born individually, and we are here because we have to live. But what really is the matter is the essence of our living. We may live a hundred years, but does it always feel like we… LIVE? LIFE is na short break. With the blink of an eye, Endings will come our way.

So enjoy, FORGIVE!! and always…. LOVE =)

the life that we ought to live.. and to be free

—–nhicksbunao==== {{fdksdhdnm}{[


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