A tale of three Kings

Gurl On A Mission: Along the Weary Road

What do you do when someone throws a spear at you?

God knows all things. In heaven and on Earth and even beneath the Earth. That also means that he knows whose who and whats what. A tale of three kings, a book on authority figures explains this so clearly.
Saul was a King. A mad king, but a king nonetheless. And David was a shepard boy turned to messenger boy. He delivered messages to his brothers whom were on the frontlines of war.
King Saul was a crazy King, appointed by God. He threw spears at David in his maddness. Many of us would ask God “why did you allow David to be led by such a crazy man? Surely, it wasn’t you who appointed Saul as an authoritician. Surely it wasnt.” But David knew better. David knew better than to think that way. With every bit of maddness…

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