Do you still remember my review the first time I made this blog?

Oh yeah, maybe you don’t, but you can still read it, at the bottom of my blogs, in my page,



so here it is, its sequel. PANDEMONIUM, written by Lauren Oliver, one of the best author I have ever know, and for the best part, is that I am hooked by all her writings, and I can say, at least I cant wait for requiem.. the third book




After reading this, I can’t believe Im almost covered by goose bumps.

First, I want you to know, that this book is, amazing, in its own way. I am convinced that Alex is gone, and that Lena has found a new one, not better than Alex, but maybe, after all, it will be what alex would want, because for all I know, He wanted Lena to be happy in the wilds, and That because he loves her more than what you could imagine. I love what happened to the story, that Lena survived in the woods with new friends, and that she needs to move on and face what is right in front of her, THE PRESENT. even if I’m sad to the thought that, Her love didn’t make it, still I know something better will happen.



Because, what is important for us to identify is that, there will always be now, and what comes next, what you have in your past, will always be there, that even if we try remembering it back, it will just be that memory, nothing more, nothing less. And that no matter how hard we mourn on the past, we can’t turn back now. OUR LIVES STILL GOES ON…. but we always must TRUST our instincts, that, I can say is what I know, that we should always believe in miracle…. and that we should always make it sure that what we feel, what we think, what we do, what we see, what we are right now, is something what we have developed in the past… .there is no turning back now, if we made mistakes, what  we should be doing is, to make it right, by now….. at this very moment…. and NOW and THEN… that’s it, atleast it made sense..


I’m just confused about, the deliria in the woods, because I am imagining that the woods, is like a place where most of the people live, so why still they don’t find a place to stay? and to have supplies without the help of that place, place where Lena lived before? just a thought, because if it is the case, then wilds, will be just part of the place infected by the deliria? right. And SPOILER ALERT!!!! (Im sorry)



And then, That, CLIFF HANGING author, will never depress you, so Im hoping the best for her third and last book, REQUIEM.. I love everything that has happened to this book, and It bugs me of out of the blue. I’m just so happy I read her novels.



This story must have connected our own stories. there were this instance that chapters seems to reveal our true living, like being with FEAR… lies, love, and friends…. Lost.. something like that.. And For sure, you’ will love this book…. :))



I don’t want to say something that much because I know that if I’ll push it., Im certainly giving you the whole lot summary of the book, so I am convincing you to just read it, and see it for yourself.





OOoooh GOLLY. I wan’t to read the ebook, HANA…. to better undertsand this all, but how can I? I don’t have kindle, or card. :(((( sad face.






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