Pittacus Lore! Next book please? :)))))



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Books that made my week! Actually, I never wanted to stop reading it when I started it, But I still have to go to school, so guess what, I make sure to go home as soon as my classes ended……. and it make pretty good result because up to the last minute of my day, before I went to bed, Im still finding time to read it.. And I have reasons why, of all books, these were my favorite… and you’ll also find reasons from me, WHY YOU WOULD GET HOOKED IN HERE..

What was I supposed to say after reading 2 books in a row? Its a sequel book. if ever you have heard about, POWER OF SIX and THE RISE OF NINE, then, that books really, really rolled me till…. I find myself late at night just wondering about what had happened. Even though these were just a fiction, I can’t help to think of it, as it was I was part of it. Pittacus Lore, you give that bad shit out of me. After reading  POWER OF SIX, Im pissed off. I want to forget Im still breathing. Im kinda like SIX. I admire her, based on my imagination, she’s strong, she has had great legacies, and cool, her abilities add desires from all the people, I bet even characters in the book, it gives her…. the looks that everyone wants too. and she’s better with four, I love it. I just don’t know why it has to have a third love? I mean, a love triangle? I hate it because I can’t choose between two girls, because if I were in the situation of either of them, it will hurt. Yeah, See? Im seeing this as part of my life.

Then ofcourse, it may not the best book of pittacus in terms of his books, better read the rise of nine for as long as I have felt, not in a million ways the irritation Ive had had while reading Book two will be bad, indeed it is in a good way. Im irritated on why does four still dont want to choose six, Im pissed on why on earth a lot of Mogs still there and like ants…. they multiple so much. And Im mad because I left hanging…. So i read THE RISE OF NINE..

Clearly Im not intended to read I am number four in the first place, I have been watching the movie a few times and I have this stace that I am losing interest on some book that I haven’t read first then I’d watch the movie. But what choice do I have? Maybe now, I can say Im not regretting buying the first book, because it moved me to the next and next… and I cant wait for the other 3 books….. Pittacus Lore.. Hurry. puh-lease?? 🙂

Well back then, The rise of Nine WAS SO AMAZING!! Its a better book than the power of six, but I get to understand everything… But then reunion of them was so fast and… like easy, I don’t care though.. And now I have understand why six………. is not meant to be with four… Just READ THE BOOK!

This Blog, well, because I want to be not a spoiler, I just burst out my feelings here.. because I cant stop thinking about the story, the plot, my irritation to the second book and on how the third book filled me with a lot of excitement. IF YOU EVER WANT AN ACTION PACKED.. from my predicament, I love to recommend this…… WHAT THE HECK LORE??? WHY YOU WERE SUCH A JERK. YOu are amazing.. at the last minute, I was thinking and debating whether I want to help GARDES defeat Mogs! Funny isn’t it???

It all fits well…. I wish I had a chance to………….. talk to them! HAHA! I just love books…

YOU WILL LOVE IT IN ANY WAY…. and ridiculously, I am thinking of it in almost everytime I have…… I can’t wait for the next…… I want to know more about all the Garde….. and ,,, ugh! Ill just leave you with that, you better check it yourself……


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