Reality is that, our life is twins with problems. If we love our life, we must love our problems. It is because problems are the only way to experience the reality. It is the essence of our existence, therefore our life is a big problem. But don’t get me wrong for there are lots of problem in the world with different purposes. We may encounter a problem that will make us happy in the end, or will make us feel sad. We feel, we cry, we laugh, we speak, we listen, we teach, we trust, we love, we hate and we weep. Everything goes around with problems we had in life, it affects our own life. It makes us do something, learn something, think something, value something and experience something. But sometimes, we tend to give up because we thought problems are here to ruin our lives. You know, we can survive everything if we only see and appreciate every little thing, good or bad, around us. If we believe in ourselves, in our own capabilities, in others presence and in God, problems you are living in today can help you answer it in the first place. PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS… I have a lot of that…. and I, myself know that its for something bound to happen, because after everything, after that little rain, after darkness comes a little gift that will worth all of it.love is everywhere and it is also, Almost, part of our life here. Love for someone. That was it. Problems may either be on your status in life, it may be filial love, family, friends, love for a thing, a passion and or anything that goes around with love. It is one of the hardest problem that sometimes stays for a lifetime. Because until we feel it, (which is true, we always feel that, LOVE), you will probably be challenge to live a life you wish to be. Some of us is experiencing problems through our own self. Like answering the question, “Who we really are?”.. Until this time, I don’t really knew myself well. I don’t know for the fact that I still have something hidden inside myself that I’m afraid to show. for me, this is the most important problems that will always stick to me, no matter what. Some of us have to face many fears. Fear of height, fear of being drown, fear of animals like dogs, giraffe, crocodiles and or snakes, fear of dark, fear of rejections,etc. that was one of the problems we have that takes a lot of courage to overcome. And it takes only You, yourself, to overcome it. Because nothing you can do to be strong but to do it yourself. Any thing problems go…. is always behind the reality called life. There are 3 FEARS i have in life, and that is: PAST, DEATH, AND FUTURE…. Whenever I fear it, I know Its my problem, because it will always be wandered around my mind and until I don’t accept it, then I will always be a coward…. to these realities. And I have to do something not to be glued around the past because Ive always been encountering problems for not living the present, which is a gift that can never be back.

Point is, we should not be afraid of it. Not to be afraid to fall inlove, not to be afraid to rejections, not to be afraid of losing something or someone, not to be afraid in the past.Or Just merely, not to be afraid of the future ahead of us. Face problems, so that it will be tired to bother you, and you will see problems as a gift to you. To help you understand what is your purpose in life. I am happy to tell you that I know now, the importance of every difficulties I have, Just enjoy it. Buried your past, enjoy your presents, Love your fears and let God lead you to the right way…….. to HAPPINESS ❤


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