“Before you SAY SOMETHIN…

“Before you SAY SOMETHING to SOMEONE, always think about how you’d feel if someone told you the same thing. :)”




That was it, the first quotation I have read this day that made sense for me, after everything that has happened to me for a long period of time. You know, these past few days, I was pretty pissed off about my friendship with anyone, hardly for someone. I don’t quite expecting her to be good to me all the times, but Im sure she had me at my very best and nothing less. I don’t know what friendship means to her or why did she actually hurt my feelings. Not just me, but to all the friends she had. I was really hurt when I knew everything. The bad jokes, the poker faces, everything. Her trip is not my trip but I really trusted her eversince. She made me strong, and not that vulnerable. I was just too depressed to know that even her, can act like nothing happened where infact she doesn’t like me that much.Well I guess I’m too stupid not to be strong enough to handle things like that.




Friendship for me, is a special thing and the communication I am giving even if it doesn’t that comfortable for me, is what I can say the best. Sometimes I wanted to cry for knowing the truth, sometimes I wanted revenge. But Every side means nothing to me. I want to help, but she doesn’t need it anymore. Maybe I just have to believe that not everyone can REALLY REALLY love you even behind your back.



It’s her decision and I don’t have the right to argue with it, and I don’t wanna down myself because I still have a lot of precious friends who are there for me, in good times and in bads, So WHY WORRY? I treated her like my sister, so I don’t need to be so dramatic. Just move on right?





She’s still my friend but, Trust can never be back nor gain! ANYMORE.






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