Birthday Present

Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Last July,3, 2012 was my 18 birthday. it may not be the fabulous birthday I’ve had, I’m happy for the thought that I celebrated it with my family. I am happy though through It rained nonstop that day and I went home around 7pm after the meeting. But what does it do with the book?

The gift I wanted to give myself that day, was a book. something I don’t know, something mysterious and haven’t heard of. So I went to the nearby bookstore and searched for something new. and then, my eyes landed to this book, DELIRIUM. I know I would love this book, I have to even if I’m new to the world of books of course. So I brought it and went home.

Well, I started reading it and it catches my attention really. after I read it, after 48hours, I can’t stop thinking of it. You know, I see myself as Lena. Even thou it is just fictional. Her character has bring me to the new edge of my life. I’ve never been this addicted to a book. I have read a lot of them, mostly of Nicholas Sparks. I sometimes borrow to our school library but I don’t like the idea of it. I’m the person who prefers to buy a book even that costs and I just like to collect them. Well, then, going back to the topic. I just love this and until now, I don’t know why I love this. The story is about a simple girl who don’t believe about Love. They called it Deliria. And it is believed to be a sickness to them until she found the boy who makes her happy, who loved her, who makes her name sounds like a lullaby when he whisper it to hers, who infected her, who understands her for who she is. And the story started. She opened her eyes to all the forbidden things around her and finally knew the truth. That everything was just a lie, and her mother is right, about the thing: LOVE. It was just as epic as to what I felt about the book. I know I’m not a good reviewer, and this is somehow my first blog to deal with but I’m happy for all the reasons the world has given me.

Sometimes, I hope I’m in that book. Oh, pathetic. I mean, I hope I’ll be Lena, or I’ll Find someone like Alex. I just hope I’m that strong enough like her to face everything and to express life I’ve always wanted. But I do know that, reality wherever it is, exists here, in my world. It is the happiest thought when Im reading fiction books. I just wandered to the never never land. Sometimes its stupid to think and love to lost in a book forever and ever.

What am I trying to say here, is not just this book who turned me into something, the idea, the story, plot, everything is naturally good. I’ve never been a fan of fiction books before even if I’m actually reading those. I want to tell the world that I’ve made the right choice, to choose the book for my birthday.

I don’t know how you can handle this or to think why I have a lot of points discussed and not even try to tell about why I named this blog Delirium! I don’t know either. All I know is, I want you to read this, I also want you to feel what I felt and to be attached to it. There’s nothing wrong about that being attached to book. It feels good. You’ll learn always. And it is up to you to take it.


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