Back again

It feels like I want to blog again…. after reading the series of harry potter…… (Parseltongue)

Though, still felt a bit sadness..



and its weird.. haaaaay

i badly need to do this…

because i cannot be able to sleep for weeks and Blimey. that’s possible

Excited about this…. well maybe i could start  doing it now.. and post it here as possible…

Review: Jolene Stockman’s Total Blueprint for world Domination

Anchored by Tracey Hoffmann

Book Review: Boats on Land by Janice Pariat

Review: Courtney Cole’s: Confessions of an Alli Cat

Why We Broke Up


What is there to love about a book so sad, and angry, and the character so bitter about how her relationship with the school’s resident popular guy turned out, well, quite a fiasco? A lot. When you put in Daniel Handler, the author of the highly acclaimed author of the well-loved children’s classic, A Series of Unfortunate Events, into the mix. That, and the prose so beautifully written, like a real teenage girl would have penned down a letter to an ex, explaining why they broke up.

Min, seventeen, is breaking up with her boyfriend of two months. In a box full of mementos of their short-lived love affair, she writes him a very long letter putting in plain words every sad things of why she called it quits with him and dumps the box onto her ex’s doorstep.

“I’m dumping the whole box back into your life, Ed, every…

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I wouldn’t bother

Life, Don't Talk To Me About Life

The old believe everything: the middle-aged suspect everything: the young know everything.”

– Oscar Wilde





I have just finished reading Saturday by Ian McEwan, it felt like I had been reading it forever, not one of his better works. Neurosurgeon Henry Perowne see an aeroplane on fire fly over London in the early hours of Saturday morning, a few more pages in he has a fender bender with a nutter who threatens him, but Perowne being a top notch doctor spots that the man is ill and brings the matter up, there’s a fight and Perowne goes on to his squash game. There are then 10 pages describing the squash game, perowne goes to the market, to see his mother, to see his sons band play, then goes home. On Page 206 the nutter reappears at his home, where he threatens his family, Perowne lures him…

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Books, immortality and ‘snack culture’

The Prattler

There was a time when I was convinced I could and should become a vlogger. I’d been a regular watcher of several YouTube-based vlogs for a while, and one day after watching my upteenth one was hit with the idea that I could do that. I could create videos and upload them to YouTube. Why on earth not? Everyone else doing it seemed to be about my age, and hell, they were making a living from it! Surely, my thoughts and experiences were interesting enough to broadcast to a myriad of faceless strangers!

I think this idea stemmed from a deep-seated desire – no, need – in me to create something lasting. It’s probably the same reason why I’ve always wanted to write a book. I want to create something that means something to people. I want to preserve my ideas and existence in a more permanent form than the…

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Romance Novels and Falling in Love

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

All my life, I was surrounded by them. I consider them my very first love, and even if that love goes in a one-way street, I just can’t make myself love them any less.

I can’t exactly tell how it all started, I can’t even say when. All I know is that I simply woke up one day and realized I developed a particular addiction for them. And it’s an incurable addiction that sees no end.

Ah, books. They are the fuel that keeps me going, even if most of the time I don’t know where I’m supposed to go. They give me what I want and what I need. I can take a break from reality and enter someone else’s realm of what is real. I can go places, reach beautiful and historical cities, pass through far away kingdoms and explore the magical world without having to leave my…

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Review: A Friend of the Earth

Portraits of M.E.

A Friend of the Earth
by: TC Boyle

I’m a real PG or PG13 reader and sometimes it’s hard for me to buy books on the mainstream market from authors I’m unfamiliar with because then I don’t know what I’m going to get when reading the book.  I like a good story, but I don’t want to read about sex, sexual situations, or find myself reading some gory details about a murder or rape.  As a result, I tend to buy books that have been suggested to me by those I trust or from authors I have read before.  And this doesn’t mean I don’t read books with some sexual situations, it just means that I don’t want the whole storyline to be about those situations; if it’s relevent to the plot I’m okay with it.  That being said, A Friend of the Earth by TC Boyle was a book…

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The Spirit Produces Fruit by Exposure to the Son

Tides and Turning

There is a perpetual proneness to seek our fruitfulness from anything save a close, spiritual, and constant dealing with the cross of Jesus: but as well might we expect the earth to clothe itself with verdure, or the tree to blossom, and the blossom to ripen into fruit, without the sun’s genial warmth, as to look for fruitfulness in a regenerate soul, without a constant dealing with the Lord Jesus Christ; for, just what the sun is to the kingdom of nature, Jesus the Sun of righteousness is to the kingdom of grace – the blessed source of all its verdure, fragrance, and fruitfulness….Live upon the atoning blood of Jesus. Here is the fatness of thy soul found; this is that heals the wound, wins the heart, and hushes to repose every fear of condemnation…And when the spiritual seasons change – for it is not always spring-time with the soul…

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Day 27 – A Quote You Try To Live By

The Bipolar Place

OK well this is tough so I’m going to put on here a selection of my favourites.

So in no particular order

Well I could keep going, but that’ll do


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